Banstead Rotary Club has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years for charity, without our members taking a penny for ourselves. We give back to the community, both local and international - and we'd love to have you along.


​We support and work in partnership with a wide range of charities and projects at a local and national level. By combining our skills, time and resources, we are able to successfully deliver local and national campaigns which have a positive impact in our communities.


We're preparing a variety of community service and fund-raising projects.


Rotary gives everything to charity and we are careful to see that the money we raise goes to the people who need it. The money from our Christmas collections goes to local charities, and we also do fundraising for the third world throughout the year e.g. sending Shelter Boxes to places like the Philippines after disasters, so peoples’ lives will be changed for the better. If you want to give money to charity you can be sure if you do it via Rotary none of the money goes into members’ pockets and we pass every penny raised to local charities. We try to ensure that the money gets to people who really need it!                     


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Get involved with Rotary!

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Volunteering with Rotary could be the most important thing you ever do.  Your skills and experience are invaluable in our drive to help communities at home and around the world through our volunteer work. Whether you become a member of Rotary or volunteer your time and abilities to our local club, you will be helping to make people’s lives better. Just take a look at our list of members and committees HERE!

There are many ways to get involved with Rotary:


  • You could join your local Rotary and open up a world of opportunities

  • You could donate to a club or Rotary initiative

  • You could volunteer to speak at a club about a cause or interest

  • If you are a school pupil, you could take part in a Rotary competition

  • You could volunteer to help the club in one of its initiatives, without becoming a Rotary member

If Rotary sounds like the organisation for you and you feel like volunteering some of your spare time, we’d like to hear from you!

Please contact us HERE to discuss your interest with a view to meeting up with local Rotarians at the Banstead Club - attending one of our speaker evenings or social events is a great way for you to get the measure of Rotary and for the club to get to know you.

Message from The Rotary Club

of Banstead 

We would like to reassure everyone, that in the current situation, the Leadership Team are staying up to date on the advice of Rotary International, and, of course the Government to ensure we are being responsible and not putting anyone in danger, therefore please do keep an eye on your emails over the coming weeks.

We have already secured online meeting facilities so we can continue to work as a Club, and, meet virtually as a Club over the next few weeks, as face to face meetings are postponed - again details of how to join

these meetings will be circulated to members in advance.

If you are not a member of Banstead Rotary Club, but would like to join our meetings, and, find out more about what we are doing, and in particular, our work with our Charity Partners, then please do get in touch, everyone's welcome!


Charity number 1029532

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Rotary are very welcoming and actively looking to recruit new members and volunteers to Banstead Rotary. For more information please visit  https://www.bansteadrotary.com/home

Start of Rotary Year

I want to thank all our Club Members for their hard work and fantastic achievements over the last few months. We held a successful “Night at the Races” in aid of Ukraine raising £1600; The Charity Walk had 100 walkers and an amazing £7,800 was collected for various charities; the Quiz Night was enjoyed by all and raised £1000 for my President’s Charity Cystic Fibrosis! As we volunteer together for Rotary please accept my congratulations, and , best wishes for the New Rotary Year!


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A Corporate membership allows Rotary clubs to involve a corporation in Rotary by offering an alternative membership package to local companies and some of its employees.


Corporate memberships give local businesses the chance to give back to the community while developing their employees’ personal and professional skills through Rotary.


The corporation itself cannot be a club – only people can be members of a Rotary club. The club offers corporate membership to individuals based on their employment at a corporation. Usually the prime member is at senior management level and can put forward employees to join the scheme.


The flexibility this type of membership offers is more affordable and requires a smaller time commitment. It will enhance your employee’s invaluable opportunities for taking on leadership roles while providing networking opportunities and mentoring.


Your company will want to add Rotary membership to your profile because you recognise Rotary’s reputation for combining business networking with community service. This type of membership allows you to learn about the needs of your community while experiencing the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others.


If you use Amazon, please consider following the link below to set up Smile Amazon which will donate 0.5% of your purchases to Rotary Club of Banstead Trust Fund.  Select Rotary Club of Banstead as your chosen charity and always start you Amazon through Smile Amazon.  It is the same Amazon site but with a donation being made. Please let you friends have the link and we should soon begin to benefit.


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Last year Princess Alice collected 753 Christmas trees and raised £11,644 in donations from grateful local residents, all made possible by the amazing help we had from local business owners. Sam from Aqua Design, said:


“My pond landscaping business meant I had the right vehicles and it gave my team the chance to bond as it was a good team building exercise. We had lots of fun, as well as knowing we were giving something back to support a worthy cause. We’d definitely recommend doing this with a group of friends or colleagues, as you can spend quality time together while helping a charity’’.


This year, they want to collect more trees and raise even more money - £15,000!


They are looking for local businesses and volunteers to drive a van and collect Christmas trees within their care area between 6th – 8th of January 2023. The day would consist of collecting trees from different addresses and then dropping them off and then going onto the next route to collect the trees. Can you help them?

For more details click HERE or contact riannadavies@pah.org.uk 01372 461869