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Banstead Village South and South East in Bloom Results

Banstead Village - SILVER GILT - (2017 Silver)

Lady Neville recreation ground - (2017 Bronze) - SILVER

The Age Concern Community Garden at Greenacres. In Your Neighbourhood entry, ‘Thriving’ Level 4 (first year)

Named Highlights: Briarwood and Cheyne Court, The Community Hall borders by BHS, the Flower Club Roundabout, The Junior and Infant Schools, Lambert Road Allotments and more

It is great to know we are making a difference!

What the BVIB Judges liked (not in order of achievement)

  • More colourful displays

  • Greater individual design

  • Flower pot people

  • Infants and Junior Schools (best they’d seen!)

  • Cheyne Court

  • Briarwood

  • Well maintained Local Churches

  • The Border and roundabout at the Community hall

  • The Wheelbarrows

  • The Business involvement

  • The High Street

  • Cleanliness of the area

  • Lambert Road Allotments

  • Winkworth Community Woodland

  • Poppies

Cared for heritage features:

  • the Well,

  • the War memorial,

  • the benches at Lady Neville

Community garden at Greenacres

Workshops: for the elderly, and for poppy making.

What could be improved

The Judges had suggestions for further improvement which the steering committee will consider implementing for next year’s competition.

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