Banstead Rotary New Corporate Membership Scheme

The Rotary Club of Banstead has launched a new membership scheme to enable business leaders and other organisations who are interested in joining Rotary to become corporate members.

Corporate membership costs the same as individual membership £100pp per annum at the time of writing (£8.33 per month) and entitles a senior member of an organisation and up to three designees to become members.

The senior member or any of the designees can then attend as many meetings as practicable, attend social functions and participate in community and fund raising activities.

President David Martin said “ There are a great number of businesses and other organisations who we believe would be interested in joining Rotary, but through pressure of work cannot commit sufficient time for total involvement. As a club we have been contacted by an organisation who wants to get involved, as it fits in with their ethos of commitment and responsibility within the local community. This is the fundamental reason for us launching our corporate membership scheme”.

Attendees at the launch induction event at the Cuddington Golf Club, were each given an information pack and a welcome to Rotary from the Club President.

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