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Rtn Suzanne Rouse Kept on Walking...

Rtn Suzanne Rouse, has raised thousands of pounds in past years through our Charity Walk for the Tuberous Sclerosis Society and she wasn’t going to let a small thing like cancellation stop her efforts this year. So, obeying social distance rules, she walked it anyway and opened up a sponsorship account on ‘Just Giving’. Here in her own words and pics is her story...

“As many of you know, I usually raise a lot of money for Tuberous Sclerosis during May but the Rotary Walk had been cancelled so I chose a different way to raise money for this charity. I planned to walk/run 100km throughout May and asked for help to raise some funds via:

“Hello everyone,

Today [10 May] was the date of the Rotary Charity Walk and was my first year being Chair of the Walk Committee so I would just like to share some personal thoughts.

1. I arrived at the start point early this morning and was disappointed at the fact no one was around to help me put up the marquee. Being vertically challenged, according to Roger, I found this task beyond my capabilities. I missed David's sergeant-major precise commands of marquee construction.

2. There was a distinct lack of signage, John H, but luckily having completed the route about 20 times I was able to find my way around. I even became a human signpost number 5!

3. Marshalls were also in short supply. Paul L. I can't believe how much I missed your BIG hugs outside the crossing point at The Cock at Headley. It was only the thought of John D's big smile and a chocolate biscuit at the checkpoint that kept me going. But even that was not to be!

Must confess that I really thought that I would have got more support on my inaugural year.

I Hope you enjoyed my anecdotes of my morning. Perhaps next year will be a different story.

Hope everyone is staying well and thank you for sponsoring me.

Love from Suzanne x “

Post Script: In true Rotarian style Suzanne gave great service and clearly had fun doing it; she also went the extra mile by talking to the club about tuberous sclerosis on 9 June in an informative and moving address. She also deserves our warmest congratulations as her total sponsorship at last count stood at a magnificent £1500!...Ed

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