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Banstead Rotary Crocus Planting

Banstead Rotary and Banstead Village in Bloom have joined forces to supervise the planting of 4000 crocus corms on the verges alongside Banstead Library. We have been ably helped by pupils from the Beacon School led by history teacher Lauren Sharkey.

The planting began at 10 o’clock on Friday 17 November in the morning, when, a group of members from Banstead Rotary and Banstead Village in Bloom began digging up the verge by Banstead Library in circular swirls. The planting of the 4000 crocuses was done by the pupils under the supervision of the adults.

Banstead residents will be able to enjoy the crocuses when they emerge in Spring.

The pupils worked hard and were a great credit to the Beacon School.

Why are we doing this? Since 1985 Rotary’s 1.4 million members worldwide have been working hard to rid the world of polio a crippling disease that severely disables and even kills children. The purple crocus corms planted here, and across Britain and Ireland, during the autumn each year symbolise the purple dye painted on the little fingers of the 3 billion children worldwide when they have been vaccinated.

They will flower each February when Rotary celebrates its birthday.

To find out how you can help to eradicate polio worldwide, or , for more information about the work of Rotary contact Banstead Rotary via this website



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