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History of Inner Wheel on its Centenary - a talk by Denise de la Perrelle

Banstead Rotary members were delighted to welcome Denise de la

Perrelle as speaker on 7 th May.

She spoke about this year’s Centenary of Inner Wheel and its

history since being formed by Margarette Golding in Manchester

in 1924.

Inner Wheel is one of the largest organizations for women in the

world with more than 120,000 members in 100 countries.

Originally it was for wives of Rotarians but is now open to all

women over 18. Over £1M was raised in the UK alone during


Denise has a long history with Inner Wheel and Rotary as her

parents were founder members of both Banstead Rotary and

Banstead Inner Wheel.

Sadly the Banstead Club has now closed due to members moving

away and age and health took its toll but the good work continues

with as some members joined the Inner Wheel Club of Carshalton.

She talked about the importance of Inner Wheel and Rotary

working together and the difference they can make in today’s

troubled world.

She finished with a moving story about Hope and read a short poem

used by her father at his conference many years ago, but still

relevant for us all.

So many Gods, so many Creeds

So many paths that wind and wind.

While just the art of being kind

Is all this sad world needs



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