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Rotary President’s Handover

Banstead Rotarians met at the Cuddington Golf Club on Tuesday August 3rd 2021 as the Rotary Club observed their ceremonial Presidential Handover Ceremony.This was the first time the Club had met in person since March 3rd 2020 prior to the Covid19 lockdown. Although the Club has enjoyed a varied and interesting series of zoom meetings this was a renewal of old and the making of new friendships! We held a Zoom handover on 30 June.

The event at Cuddington Golf Club marked the formal handing over of the reigns of Club leadership and the Chain of Office to the new President and his executive team. In addition to this two new members Helga Stelzhammer and Roger Hill joined the Club bringing the total of new members to five!

Outgoing Rotary Club of Banstead presidents John Draper 2019-2020 and Paul Lufflum 2020-2021 wished the incoming president John Hannam all the best in his new role in the presidential handover, pictured.

All agreed the previous eighteen months had been very challenging to Banstead Rotary. The Club Members have been extremely supportive and worked very hard for the community. All agreed they had been proud to have been president of such an active club and would like to thank Rotary members and the community for their support in fundraising. They all wished John a rewarding year .

New president and long standing Rotarian John Hannam said: “I’m honoured to be the President and looking forward to being involved in some great community projects.”



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