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The Beacon School Student Council Interact Club

During the course of this academic year, the student council has continued to raise as much money as they could for their chosen charity of the year Cancer Research UK. By selling Christmas themed facemasks to staff, and a Year 9 Easter Gala, they raised an impressive £118. They have also been involved in Lend With Care where the Banstead Rotary donated £200 for us to lend to small businesses across the globe. They donated to two groups over the year, Faithful 0203, who received £30 and Anwar who received £64.93 (which helped her receive the full amount of money she needed to buy new fabrics and materials to help make better women’s clothing in Kasur). This project will be continued throughout the next academic year. If you would like to know more about Lend with Care, information can be found Here. I look forward to working with the student council next year in raising funds and contributing to the school and wider community.

Miss L Sharkey- Teacher Leader



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