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Beacon staff were delighted to support the Banstead Rotary Club's annual Christmas collection on Tuesday night; Ms Marrill, Mr Mitchell, Miss L Sharkey and Miss H Sharkey were there in fine spirits, walking the streets of Banstead with Santa's sleigh, knocking on doors and asking for donations to support a wealth of local charities. With well-loved Christmas tunes blaring out, the sleigh made its way through Banstead, bringing joy (and sweets) to lots of young children. We are certain that we knocked on the doors of many members of our school community - maybe you were surprised by one of us!

The Rotary Club is grateful for all of the kind donations received and please know that the money collected will be put to good use - almost £1000 was raised on the night. It was a close call between Miss L Sharkey and Mr Mitchell as to who collected the most, but in the end, Mr Mitchell was happy to concede defeat to our Head of History.

Should anyone wish to add to the donations received so far and support those good causes, please click here.

Article courtesy of the Beacon News



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