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Tuesday 18 May Talk: Dave King, Editor Rotary Today

On Tuesday 18 May we had as our Speaker Dave King, University Lecturer in Sports Journalism at UCFB Wembley and Editor of Rotary Today magazine for Great Britain and Ireland.

He gave us his unique view of the way ahead. He pointed out that this meant change and we should examine the way we work. Dave said "Rotary stands on the cusp of reinventing itself, changing its outlook, and presenting an opportunity to a generation who had previously not seen Rotary as an organisation they would want to join."

It was an enthusiastic and lively meeting!

As a Rotarian Dave is a charity volunteer,( like us all), and an active member and Past President of The Rotary Club of Elthorne- Hillingdon (where he is the webmaster).

Although from an earlier 2019 Magazine we can all learn more from Dave:



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