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Twin Rotary Clubs of Banstead and Louviers Le Neubourg - 7th - 9th June 2024

A weekend in France: A Culinary and Cultural Extravaganza!

Over the first weekend in June, a group of Banstead Rotary members embarked on a memorable journey to France, Louviers, where they indulged in a delightful blend of art, cuisine, and culture. They were welcomed by the Rotary Club of Louviers Le Neubourg on a gorgeous sunny Friday evening with a lovely warm and lively reception at, Benoît and Annick Gourlin's home for an exquisite buffet dinner that was a feast for the senses, featuring a sumptuous spread of delectable food and drink that left everyone enchanted. Both presidents, gave passionate, warm speeches welcoming the moment for Rotarians' togetherness as well as recognising the symbolic significance of D-day.



Saturday brought another round of culinary delights as the group gathered for a lavish brunch at another friend's home. Catherine and her family hosted a delightful morning with a spread that was nothing short of spectacular, set against the backdrop of sunshine and blue skies in the enchanting garden. Energized by the delicious meal, the group set out to explore a historical site brimming with culture, offering stunning views of the sea, the city and intricate churches that spoke volumes of the region's rich heritage.


The highlight of their trip was a visit to the iconic Honfleur to visit the museum of the reconstruction project of William the Conqueror's ship, “La Mora." As the evening descended, the sky lit up with an electric sun, casting a magical glow over the gathering in the town of Harcourt at the restaurant Le Comptoir de l'Arboretum, where the group was greeted warmly by the friendly staff and helpful sommeliers who spoke both French and English, extremely knowledgeable of their menu. The restaurant, which has more than 20 years of delectable catering, is located in Harcourt, magnificently positioned next to a grand church.



The group found themselves in pure French hospitality, treated to beautiful displays of gourmet meals, tantalizing cocktails, and the renowned Calvados! The evening was a celebration of taste and elegance, leaving everyone in awe of French culinary artistry and warmth.


On Sunday, the group reconvened at a picturesque golf course, Golf du Vaudreuil for a final brunch, basking in the wonderful atmosphere and vibrant spirits that had come to define their time together. As the English members of the team prepared to depart, they expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their hosts for curating an unforgettable experience filled with incredible friendships, delightful food and drink, and an amazing atmosphere that will be cherished for years to come.


This weekend in France was not just a journey of exploration and indulgence but a celebration of the finer things in life that bring people together – art, food, culture, and the joy of shared moments in beautiful surroundings. It was a testament to the power of Rotary and hospitality to create lasting memories that transcend time and place.



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