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Urgent Update to the Lady Neville Community Fund Appeal

Banstead Village in Bloom (BViB) are seeking funds to purchase a new all age multi purpose climbing frame to replace the ageing and limited climbing frame found at present in the Lady Neville Recreation Park, Banstead. The new climbing frame will provide opportunities for multi use imaginative play for all children, up to the age of 12, whatever their ability, thereby increasing their skills and confidence. The local community will also benefit since parents will no longer feel compelled to travel to distant recreation parks with more exciting facilities. This will lead to a reduction in potentially polluting car journeys and increased footfall in local shops.

The Lady Neville Recreation Park has been the subject of extensive criticism over the last few years and BViB have been working in partnership with local businesses as well as our local authority, Reigate & Banstead Council, to promote and raise funds for improvements to be carried out to the park in a holistic manner.

If successful this attractive climbing frame will form the centrepiece of our play area within the park.

The total cost of the project is £50,000 and the total sum we are applying for is £35,500.

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