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Our next major event: 
Charity WALK24  -  Sunday 12th May 2024

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QUIZ NIGHT 12th April 2024

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Get involved with Rotary!

Listen To Banstead Rotarian Stuart Walker speaking about what Rotary means to him

Volunteering with Rotary could be the most important thing you ever do.  Your skills and experience are invaluable in our drive to help communities at home and around the world through our volunteer work. Whether you become a member of Rotary or volunteer your time and abilities to our local club, you will be helping to make people’s lives better. Just take a look at our list of members and committees HERE!

There are many ways to get involved with Rotary:


  • You could join your local Rotary and open up a world of opportunities

  • You could donate to a club or Rotary initiative

  • You could volunteer to speak at a club about a cause or interest

  • If you are a school pupil, you could take part in a Rotary competition

  • You could volunteer to help the club in one of its initiatives, without becoming a Rotary member

If Rotary sounds like the organisation for you and you feel like volunteering some of your spare time, we’d like to hear from you!

Please contact us HERE to discuss your interest with a view to meeting up with local Rotarians at the Banstead Club - attending one of our speaker evenings or social events is a great way for you to get the measure of Rotary and for the club to get to know you.

You can learn more about us and membership HERE and at




Charity number 1029532

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