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President John Hannam 1951- 2022

We are so very sad that John has now left us and we know that you will be feeling his loss so terribly.

Words cannot express just how deeply one is affected by the death of a close family member so it is perhaps appropriate to think about the good times and those happy occasions where we all can share in the memories.

Although John had been in Rotary since 1987, we have only really come to know him since I joined the Banstead Club in 2008. He was always very welcoming with his special brand of humour and his love and deep knowledge of the motor trading industry (not to forget his experiences of the frustrating parking arrangements in the Benhill Road area of Sutton).

He was very happy to help with projects but seemed a little shy of taking on an officer’s role in the group. We were delighted that he finally agreed to become Club President for the year 2020/21, the year of Covid 19 and Lockdown. He seemed happy to continue into 2021/22 after a year in which there were so few meetings and all events were cancelled. We were all aware of his health problems but he was adamant he could carry on.

We have so many happy memories of our trips to France when he entered into the spirit of the visits despite s[peaking very little French We know our French Rotarian friends will be devastated to learn of his passing and any future visits will not be the same without him, thinking especially of Le Cha­peau Rouge where he always enjoyed his lunch in surroundings which had become so familiar over successive visits.

We have wonderful recollections of International Dinners at 23 Benhill Road when Dorothy's cooking skills were celebrated by all assembled! The hammer for the chicken in a hard crust comes to mind!

We appreciated John's regular assistance with preparations for the Rotary Walk, putting out signs at some ungodly hour of the morning (a job he did right up to last May despite finding walking so very difficult).

And of course, everyone will remember how smart he was — so well dressed in suit and tie on almost every occasion.

John was very proud of his family and grandchildren. He was obviously very close with you all. We hope that you will have many happy memories together that will carry you over your grief to a better time.



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