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A weekend visit from our twin Club Louviers Le Neubourg

The Rotary Club of Banstead is twinned with Louviers Le Neubourg. typically we visit them one year and the next year they visit us Over the weekend of 17- 19 May 2019, 12 Louviers Le Neubourg Rotarians and partners travelled to Surrey to meet with their Rotarian friends from their twin club of Banstead. The clubs have been twinned for 50 years and it was the anniversary this year, plus the chance to renew old friendships and for new members to make new ones!

Everyone met up at Banstead Downs Golf Club for lavish cakes and tea/ coffee. It was obvious from the start that food would play a big part in the weekend! The Louviers club's Vice President Patrick lead the French group and Rotarian John Draper had organised the weekend’s hospitality which began that same evening at President’s Night which celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the clubs’ twinning at Banstead Downs Golf Club.

We had a fascinating visit next day to London by coach. We went to have lunch at the Sargeant’s Mess Restaurant, followed by a guided tour of the Tower of London, and stroll along the Thames. We finished with a wonderful drive home through historic London and then dinner with Rotary host families.

So after many miles and meals we found ourselves back for Sunday lunch at Banstead Downs Golf Club on our final day to discuss joint projects, including speeches and toasts made by Presidents David & Patrick. We will make our return trip to Louviers Le Neubourg in 2020!

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