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Steve Bird on The Suez Crisis of 1956

On Tuesday 6th February Banstead Rotary Club and friends were entertained and informed through a talk by Steve Bird on the subject of the Suez Crisis 1956.  Steve took us through the thinking, motivations and problems of each of the major participants in the crisis.  In the process it became very clear why it was such a disaster for Britain and such a turning point in world affairs.  Parallels with current events in the region were also very obvious by the time the talk was finished.

Steve was delighted to receive a cheque from the Club which will go to his chosen charity, the SAS Regimental Association Charity.  Although everyone is aware of the SAS, few are aware of the many needs of its veterans and injured serving members which the Association does so much to support.  Steve competes with old friends to contribute and sees it as a small gesture to repay a debt the whole country owes.



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