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3D Printer for The Beacon School Banstead

Supporting The Beacon School from Banstead Rotary's Fundraising!

During Spring 2023 The Beacon School in Banstead were looking to purchase a 3D printer at a cost of £428.99 and approached Banstead Rotary in the hope that it might be able to provide funds.

The Beacon School pupils have supported Banstead Rotary in several ways over the years. The Student Council has formed a Rotary Interact Club. As an additional bonus to the Rotary Club, pupils volunteered to help with the annual Christmas Santa collection and this was supported in Banstead by some pupils. As a result several previous donations to the school were made. In addition to this for th annual Polio Crocus plantings assistance was provided from pupils and a member of staff.

As an additional bonus to the Rotary Club, and as a result of this connection made by Rotarians the school has taken part in other Rotary youth opportunities, in particular, Young Chef and Youth Debates. Both of these activities will be followed up in future years.

Working with our Rotary South District the funds were donated, and, consequently an amount for £428.99 representing the cost was presented to the school.



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