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Crocuses in Bloom around Banstead!

All the hard work in October, November and January was worth it - the

Banstead Village area turns purple!

Banstead Rotary , The Beacon School and Banstead Village In Bloom and

friends and family planted crocus corms across the Banstead area in October

and November over the last few years . Now we have great displays of purple

for all to see and for all to be reminded of the fight to End Polio. See the


Lovely displays of flowers on the Banstead Library lawn and the verge by the

entrance to The Horseshoe.

Let's hope that the mass of purple on the Orchard doesn't turn too many

heads! Blooms are also visible now at the War Memorial verge as well as the

Tattenham Corner Green.

Banstead surely must qualify for the title of 'most purple area in the

Borough' as 4000 corms were planted last winter to add to those already

planted in previous years. As these bright purple gems burst into bloom all

over the town, Banstead Rotary Club celebrated!



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