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Jack The Ripper at Banstead Manor!

A delightful evening of fellowship and good food was enjoyed by Banstead Rotary Club at a buffet supper hosted by its Corporate members Ben and Fiona at Banstead Manor.

Members and partners attended the event. Jane also welcomed Fiona to the Club and presented her Rotary badge.

Richard gave an electrifying talk on the subject of Jack The Ripper, and, how in the second half of 1888 the most infamous serial killer drove terror into the hearts of Londoners! This was followed by supper before Richard took a lot of questions and laid out the good research he had undertaken on the topic.

Jane thanked everyone involved for the delicious buffet, “It was a wonderful meal in a lovely setting and good to share fellowship and build on our relationships! Many thanks to Ben for organising tonight and Richard for a brilliant talk.”



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